Battleship : The Movie

A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals. Adaptation of the famous Hasbro game Battleship into Battleship movie. In the board game you have two players trying to hit eachothers ships, in the movie you have real ships fighting aliens. I so wanna see how will this look like.


8 Things learned on the set of Battleship movie

October 2, 2011

Moviefone was asked to participate in a roundtable discussion with director Peter Berg and stars Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker and Rihanna on the deck of the USS Missouri stationed in Pearl Harbor. Ahead everything you'll need to know for next summer's blockbuster earth-versus-aliens battle on the high seas. 

1. How do they make a movie out of the board game?

It's pretty simple! During the RIMPAC Games, an international naval event, an alien ship crashes into a satellite and explodes. U.S. and Japanese ships hit the water to investigate... and that's when the battle begins. The humans engage in combat with a fleet of five alien ships: four regents and the mothership, a destroyer. Each ship is stacked to the gills with a squadron of ugly aliens (designed by Industrial Light and Magic) and they get a lot of use out of their weapon of choice: a massive, spherical chainsaw-like device known as "the shredder." Then to top it off, the aliens blow out the sonar/radar forcing the humans to rely on sight and instinct. So yes: it plays out like an intergalactic life-or-death version of the famed board game.

2. Peter Berg takes the idea of "Battleships vs. Aliens" very seriously.

"Growing up on the seas, my father was a naval historian, I grew up on boats," Berg said. "I was always a huge fan of the Navy and flirted with doing some different naval films. And then I thought one day, 'What about 'Battleship'?

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Battleship movie recasting for elderly men

September 24, 2011

Calling all elderly gentlemen. The production of a major motion picture is returning to the islands and looking for a few good men. 

Universal Studio's movie "Battleship" is looking for men who appear to be 70-80 years old to portray war veterans as they return to Hawaii. The action-adventure movie directed by Peter Berg initially held a casting call in July 2010. 

Men who auditioned and submitted info during that casting call do not need to re-submit their information. Interested actors are asked to submit photo and resumes to their

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ETOnline - On the deck with cast

September 2, 2011

I hate embeded videos that Autoplay, and this is one of those. I just couldnt make it not autoplay which is annoying. So when you click on the pic down, it will take you to original video and you can look the interviews with cast. Wierd thing is that the ET video from previous post works fine. Meh.

Rihanna - Battleship movie interview

August 12, 2011

I'm pretty out of it when it comes to pop stars, but even I know who Rihanna is. (For a while I thought she was related to Fleetwood Mac's Rihannon, but I was wrong.) 

But here's something you may NOT know – she's really nice and approachable and down-to-Earth. I've yapped with a lot of superstars and she was one of the cooler ones.

When you came to work today, did you know that you were going to "cluck" like a chicken?

Rihanna: No, neither did I know that when I got to set. 

Is that a Peter Berg thing? 

Rihanna: Peter Berg? He's crazy. He really is, and so spontaneous, so nothing is memorized, it's a real reaction every time, and I couldn't ask for a better director to work with on my first film.

Did he warn you it was going to be crazy? 

Rihanna: Warn? Who does that? Who warns you that you have to jump into the middle of the ocean and pretend that you're drowning? Who does that? Him? Never. 

What made you choose this film as your first? 

Rihanna: It's weird how it happened, I walked into a meeting, I know I had a meeting, but usually my manager would be there to prep me and say, "Okay, this is what we're doing, this is who we're meeting, this is why we're doing this meeting." What it's about?

She wasn't there, and I walked in. And [Peter Berg] just walked out and said, "Hi, come in" and I'm like, "Where is Christa, my manager? Where is my manager?" She wasn't there, and I walked in and all I saw were these little alien mock-ups, these little dolls. And he just started saying, "Yeah, these are the thugs, he's a thug." "Uhh, okay," I laughed and then I realized that he wasn't laughing, and I was like, "this is weird. Why are there pictures of aliens all over this room?" And it was just crazy because he was just really super enthusiastic about it, and he was so sure that I could pull it off and I didn't even know that he was the director of the film, I didn't know anything. I didn't know what I was doing, where I was going, why.

And after I read the script I was really, really impressed and I wanted to be a part of it. Plus it was a role I felt like I could handle for the first time I'm acting. 

You play a badass chick in this film, did you watch anything to do research? 

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Brooklyn Decker - Battleship movie interview

August 12, 2011

Brooklyn Decker plays "Sam," a hiking enthusiast/girlfriend/daughter and if you saw her in the Battleship trailer, you probably thought to yourself something along the lines of "hubba hubba hubba."  Below are highlights from a roundtable conversation on the set of the film.

What's the difference between shooting this film and your first one, Just Go With It

This one is incredibly challenging. Physically, emotionally, I mean we're talking about the end of the world. Obviously it's a huge, daunting task ahead, but, I think that's why I'm having such a blast on it; it's such a challenge. I'm a new actor so I'm around these guys and feel so inadequate, but if you're going to learn, learn from the best. I'm really happy to be here. 

You mentioned you're a new actor and watching Peter direct... he has a very unorthodox style. Can you talk about coming into this new world and having Peter as your guide so to speak? 

Peter's a completely unconventional director. You'll be fighting an alien and he'll throw things at you like, "order a cheeseburger and French fries!" and you'll be like "what!?" He does it just to throw you off so you're mind gets fresh again. Things like that make it fun and really exciting. You never know what he's going to come out with. He comes from an acting background so he knows how to talk to all of us, which I think helps us especially with Rhianna and I who are new to sets. He just really knows how to get to us. 

Are a lot of your scenes filmed on the ship or are you land? 

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Peter Berg Talks Battleship movie

August 2, 2011

What was it like to get the reaction from the Battleship trailer? How is it to finally have people get glimpses of what the film is about?

BERG: It's great. We broke some record for views on YouTube, which was very unexpected to me. I think there's been so much inherent curiosity, confusion, anger and excitement towards the film, like "How dare these people make a movie about Battleship?" It just inherently feels like something people want to talk about. They want to cheer it and they want to attack it, but they want to talk about it, and that feels good.

How much will the game actually play into things, and how much control does Hasbro have over things?

BERG: It's an interesting experience. If you talk to Michael Bay, his experience with Transformers is probably very similar. Hasbro just says, "We want to do something big and global." Big is a word they use a lot. They say, "We want to do something fun and big." That's about it. And then, it's up to the filmmaker to figure out how much or little you want to reference or pay homage to the game. If you've seen the teaser, there's a couple of shots which people have picked up on and some weapons that look a little bit like pegs, being launched by the enemies. There's a shot overhead that looks somewhat like the board game. It was fun to come up with fun, clever ways of referencing the game in the film that felt as organic as you could be, when you're making a movie about the board game. 

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Rihanna a "badass" weapons specialist

March 16, 2011

At just 23 years old, Rihanna is an international superstar with five studio albums already under her young belt. Now, the Barbardian-born beauty is set to light up the big screen in the upcoming action flick, "Battleship" – a feat that helped her become comfortable in her own skin.

"…During filming, I realized that I actually like my body, even if it's not perfect according to the book," Rihanna told Vogue in an interview for their April 2011 shape issue. "I just feel sexy. For the first time, I don't want to get rid of the curves. I just want to tone it up."

The "Only Girl (In The World)" singer plays a "badass" weapons specialist in the upcoming movie and put in 14-hour days while filming — including six-hour stints sitting behind a machine gun in an inflatable raft in seven-foot ocean swells.

In order to prepare for the demanding role, Rihanna worked with a trainer, but stayed away from typical gym routines, as she "hates" working out "the old-fashioned way." 

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Battleship reshooting already planned

January 14, 2011

Just discovered that the reshoots for the film were built into the schedule. They were planned all along (for the Spring) so as I suggested below, no need to worry — this movie is gonna blow the competition out of the water! Everything they're doing on the film – reshoots, tweaks to the finale – all built into the schedule. So it's all good!! 

"Battleship", the feature film spin-off of the board game we all played growing up (before moving onto the nifty ‘Computer Battleship'), may be in the can, but it's is still a good year away from release. According to actress Brooklyn Decker, who plays ‘Sam' in the uber-expensive tentpole, there's still quite a bit of work to be done on the sea-set actioner.

Says Decker, "We will do reshoots. We have shot a bunch of alternate endings. There's a lot of CGI to be done – a lot of stuff in post."


"Yes, depending on the storyline and where they want to take it we might be doing some reshoots", explains the cordial actress.

The picture, which pits the crew of a fleet of ships against a supernatural entity, was directed by actor cum filmmaker Peter Berg. 

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Actress Has High Praise for Director Peter Berg

January 12, 2011

While cheering on husband Andy Roddick at the Brisbane International Tennis Tournament, model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker spoke with Clint Morris at Moviehole about her role in the forthcoming adaptation of the popular Hasbro game 'Battleship'. 

Decker had high praise for the film's director Peter Berg.

"He was amazing," Decker, who plays 'Sam' in the big budget film, said. "We agreed on nearly everything. It's great when you're on the same page. He is great—and he's especially great with new actors. He loves it that there's no ego to protect and we're all just in there having fun and working together."

Liam Neeson, who plays Decker's father in the movie, agreed with the actress' sentiments about Berg, expressing to Decker: "Pete's one of the better directors I've worked with because he gives you direction but he also allows you to be comfortable and free in what you do. And you'll likely notice that the movie doesn't feel like it's this polished super-styled movie, it's characters in conversation, it feels gritty and real"

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Cameron about Battleship movie

January 9, 2011

Perhaps the most prominent individual to advocate for a change in the way Hollywood is making movies is James Cameron. The Avatar filmmaker talked about Tinseltown's 'story crisis' in a new interview with the German website Spiegel Online (translated by Reelz Channel), and took aim at Peter Berg's forthcoming Hasbro 'Battleship' game-based movie of the same name, in which modern seafaring navies battle alien invaders from outer space.

Cameron's remarks may be self-evident, but they bear repeating when they come from someone of his Hollywood stature. As you might expect, in typical Cameron fashion, he doesn't pull any punches:

"We have a story crisis. Now they want to make the Battleship game into a film. This is pure desperation. Everyone in Hollywood knows how important it is that a film is a brand before it hit theaters. If a brand has been around, Harry Potter for example, or Spider-Man, you are light years ahead. And there lies the problem. Because unfortunately these franchises are becoming more ridiculous. Battleship. This degrades the cinema."

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Battleship Movie Facts

Directed by Peter Berg
Writing credits Eric Hoeber
  Jon Hoeber
Produced by Tod Arnow
  Sarah Aubrey
  Peter Berg
  Brian Goldner
  Duncan Henderson
  Bennett Schneir
  Scott Stuber
Liam Neeson Admiral Shane
Brooklyn Decker Sam
Alexander Skarsgård Stone Hopper
Josh Pence Chief Moore
Taylor Kitsch Alex Hopper
Rihanna Raikes
Jesse Plemons Ordy
Tadanobu Asano Nagata
Hamish Linklater Cal
Reila Aphrodite Sam
Griff Furst BIP technician
Joji Yoshida Hiroki
Stephen Bishop OOD Taylor
John Bell Angus
Beau Brasso Navy SEAL
Fileena Bahris Soccer fan
Marcus Lyle Brown Land Commander
Billy Slaughter William
Lil Mirkk Stringer / Naval Officer
Kevin P. Kearns Jimmy
Liz Wicker Nurse Kline
Raj K. Bose Singaporean Captain
Jordan Kirkwood JPJ Sailor #4
Carson Aune Sanders
John Tui Beast
Andrew Serpas Armorer
Paul Edney U.S, Bavy Captain
Drew Rausch Com. Heffron
Yutaka Takeuchi Myoko XO
Rico McClinton Captain Brownley
Edward J. Clare Scientist
Brian Hirono Myoko OOD Lt. Yokoe
Thomas McCurdy Admiral's Aide
Tyler Baker Lt. Spencer
Alan Abad Malaysian Captain